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Organisational Structure

The organisation is structured to gather expert knowledge and skills in the key areas of our work.

We have a network of offices overseas to be close to our markets and gather the best information and form the strongest possible networks into the companies we target.

Our headquarters offices are structured on the basis of having the sectoral expertise and the business management skills to support companies as they locate here.
We have a network of regional offices around the country so that we are close to communities and know their needs and strengths very well.

If you would like to locate an office visit our IDA Global Teams section

For more details of the internal structure of IDA Ireland please refer to the Freedom of Information section here.

Code of Conduct

IDA Ireland Code of Business Conduct for Board Members. The Code sets out in written form the agreed standards of priciple and practice which infor the conduct of members of the IDA Board in performing their duties as Board members and can be downloaded here.

Board Members 2024

Feargal O'Rourke Chairman, IDA Ireland
Kevin Cooney Former Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Xilinx Inc, and also former Managing Director of Xilinx EMEA
Marian Corcoran Founder MC 2 Change Limited
Ann Hargaden  Fellow of the Chartered Surveyors in Ireland,
Non-Executive Director of St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group and Appian Investments ICAV
John Newham Assistant Secretary General in the Department of Enterprise Trade & Employment
Tony Kennedy CEO Tawin Consulting
Regina Moran Chartered Engineer
Vice President and Head of Strategic Programmes, Fujitsu Limited.
On the board of the National Grid ESO in the UK, and a member of the Performance and Delivery sub-committee of the HSE Board
Bill O'Connell Principal BOC Consulting Services
Former Vice President of Global Logistics EMC
Former President of Cork Chamber of Commerce 2017-2019
Alan Ennis Former President and CEO of Revlon Inc. 
Elizabeth Reynolds Former Vice President and General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare

Public Sector Information

IDA Ireland complies with the regulations on the Re-use of Public Sector Information and we encourage the re-use of the information that we produce. The regulations are available at

The information on this website is the copyright of IDA Ireland unless otherwise stated.

Information and documents obtained from this website may be reproduced and/or re-used subject to the latest PSI licence available at in a new tab).

Access to Information on the Environment
Further Information - Access to Information on the Environment - DOC(opens in a new tab)

Data Protection Policy

Privacy – Legal Information and How to Contact Us including Data Subject request

Prompt Payment Policy

IDA Ireland is committed to making every effort to pay its suppliers promptly. In this regard suppliers can help by ensuring that:
  • correct  invoices are sent directly to Accounts Payable
  • invoices quote a valid IDA Ireland Purchase Order Number
  • accurate bank account details are provided
  • ensure that their Tax Clearance status with the Irish Revenue Commissioners is up to date.
(In the case of all public sector contracts of a value of €10,000 (inclusive of VAT) or more within any 12-month period, the contractor (and agent or sub-contractor as appropriate) will be required to produce either a valid tax clearance certificate or a C2 certificate. This is a mandatory requirement. Full details on tax clearance procedures may be found on the Revenue Commissioners website).

Prompt Payment of Accounts Legislation

Payment of invoices by IDA Ireland is governed by the Prompt Payment of Accounts Act, 1997 as amended by the European Communities (Late Payment in Commercial Transactions) Regulations 2002. The legislation provides for the payment of interest on valid invoices which are unpaid after 30 days from the date of receipt. IDA Ireland considers an invoice received only when it is received by Accounts Payable, Finance, quoting a valid IDA Ireland Purchase Order number.  Interest is calculated in respect of the period starting on the date after the due date and ending on the date when payment is made.

Payment of interest cannot be waived by the supplier and must be included with the amount payable for the goods or services without demand for its payment being made by the supplier.

With effect from 1 July 2022, the late payment interest rate is 8.00% per annum (that is based on the ECB rate as at 1 January 2022 of 0.00% plus the margin of 8%). This rate equates to a daily rate of 0.022%. Penalty interest due for late payments should be calculated on a daily basis. The ECB rate can be checked on the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland website

Public Spending Code Publication of Projects

Waterford ABS 3  
Project Details
Year 2023
Parent Department Department of Enterprise & Trade & Employment
Name of Contracting Body IDA Ireland
Name of Project / Description Waterford ABS 3
Procurement Details
Advertisement Date 22/11/2020
Tender Advertised In OJEU 
Awarded to JJ Rhatigan 
EU Contract Award Notice Date 13/01/2023
Contract Price €9,966,105.00
Start Date 14/02/2022
Spend in Year under Review (2022) €2,223,568.46
Cumulative Spend to end of year (2022) €2,223,568.46 (€1,873,297.46 (works contract) + €350,271 (Inflation Framework) 
Projected Final Cost  €10,843,048 +  €151,228.64 Retention to be paid in June 24 = €10,994,277
Value of Contract Variations (€179,852.20 Total  Contract Variations + €851,614.40 Inflation Framework)
Date of Completion/Expected Completion Date 03/06/2023
Expected Output on Completion A new Advanced Building Solution 3,676 sqm [gross area] two storey building consisting of offices and light industrial/ production spaces, designed to achieve LEED certification.
Output achieved to date Completed 
Raheen Infrastructure  
Name of Contracting Body IDA Ireland
Name of Project / Description Upgrade Works at Raheen BT Park
Procurement Details
Advertisement Date 19th February 2021
Tender Advertised In Official Journal of European Union
Awarded to John Craddock Ltd
EU Contract Award Notice Date 30th August 2021
Contract Price €11,494,657.15
Start Date 30th August 2021
Spend in Year under Review (2022) €4,267,799.43
Cumulative Spend to end of year (2022) €12,794,250.00
Projected Final Cost €12,794,250.00
Value of Contract Variations €122,351.42 Contract Variations
Date of Completion/Expected Completion Date 16/06/2023
Expected Output on Completion Carriageway upgrade, improved pedestrian and cyclist mobility and watermain replacement.
Output achieved to date Date of Completion:16/06/2023
Parkmore Advanced Building Solution  
Project Details  
Year 2023
Parent Department Department of Enterprise & Trade & Employment
Name of Contracting Body IDA Ireland
Name of Project / Description Parkmore Advanced  Building Solution
Procurement Details   
Advertisement Date 03.12.2022
Tender Advertised In OJEC
Awarded to JJ Rhatigan & Co
EU Contract Award Notice Date 19.01.2024
Contract Price €12,446,785.00
Progress In Progress
Start Date  
Spend in Year under Review (2023) €1,298,807.91
Cumulative Spend to end of year (2023) €1,298,807.91
Projected Final Cost €12,446,785.00
Value of Contract Variations Under evaluation currently
Date of Completion/Expected Completion Date 2024
Expected Output on Completion New 45k sq ft ABS
Output achieved to date 20% works completed to date


Invoice Queries

IDA Ireland has ten working days to advise suppliers in writing of any queries and/or defects with the invoice that prevent payment being made.  Following acceptance by IDA Ireland of the corrected invoice, IDA Ireland will endeavor to issue payment within 15 days.

The legislation does not oblige payment to be made to a supplier who has failed or refused to comply with a request to produce a tax clearance certificate and it expressly extends the statutory time limit for payment where there are delays in furnishing a tax clearance certificate.  Also the Act does not affect the deduction of withholding tax from any payment to a supplier.

15-Day Payment Requirement, July 2011

The Government extended the non-statutory requirement applicable to Central Government Departments to all public bodies from July 2011, to reduce the payment period by Public Bodies to their suppliers from 30 to 15 days. Every effort, consistent with proper financial procedures, is being made to ensure that all suppliers are paid within this timeframe.

2024 Prompt Payment Return Q1      
2023 Prompt Payment Return Q1 Prompt Payment Return Q2 Prompt Payment Return Q3 Prompt Payment Return Q4 
2022 Prompt Payment Return Q1 Prompt Payment Return Q2 Prompt Payment Return Q3 Prompt Payment Return Q4
2021 Prompt Payment Return Q1 Prompt Payment Return Q2 Prompt Payment Return Q3 Prompt Payment Return Q4
2020 Prompt Payment Return Q1 Prompt Payment Return Q2 Prompt Payment Return Q3 Prompt Payment Return Q4
2019 Prompt Payment Return Q1 Prompt Payment Return Q2 Prompt Payment Return Q3 Prompt Payment Return Q4
2018 Prompt Payment Return Q1 Prompt Payment Return Q2 Prompt Payment Return Q3 Prompt Payment Return Q4
2017 Prompt Payment Return Q1 Prompt Payment Return Q2    
2016 Prompt Payment Return Q1 Prompt Payment Return Q2 Prompt Payment Return Q3 Prompt Payment Return Q4



“Buafaimid d’Éirinn, dá muintir agus dá réigiún an chuid is fearr den nuálaíocht agus den infheistíocht idirnáisiúnta ionas go leanfar de chlaochlú na hÉireann ina sochaí cheannasach dhomhanda atá saibhir i dtaca le cruthaitheacht, foghlaim agus leas pearsanta agus sóisialta.

Oibreoimid i gcomhpháirtíocht le heagraíochtaí eile chun an chuid is fearr de chumais agus de thallanna na hÉireann a fheabhsú agus chun iad a chur in oiriúint don chuid is fearr den infheistíocht dhomhanda. A mhéid a bhaineann le gach dream lena n-oibrímid nó lena ndéanaimid teagmháil, comhlíonfaimid ár misin go macánta, go foirfe, ó thaobh gairmiúlachta de, agus go gníomhaíoch.”

IDA Annual Reports as Gaeilge (PDF Files)

IDA Annual Report 2022 IDA Annual Report 2021 IDA Annual Report 2020
IDA Annual Report 2019 IDA Annual Report 2018 IDA Annual Report 2017
IDA Annual Report 2016 IDA Annual Report 2015 IDA Annual Report 2014
IDA Annual Report 2013 IDA Annual Report 2012 IDA Annual Report 2011
IDA Annual Report 2010

Protected Disclosures

IDA Ireland has put in place Procedures for the Making of Protected Disclosures, which have been developed in line with the Protected Disclosures Act, 2014.  The procedures set out in detail the process by which a worker of IDA Ireland can make a protected disclosure, what will happen when a disclosure is made and what IDA Ireland will do to protect the discloser.

Section 22 of the Protected Disclosure Act, 2014 requires that an annual report be published in relation to the protected disclosures received by IDA Ireland. The table below indicates the position:

Year  Protected Disclosures Received    
2017  Nil    
2018  Nil    
2019  Nil    
2020  Nil    
2021  Nil        
2022  Nil    
2023  Nil  

Customer Charter

IDA's Customer Charter can be downloaded here: Customer Charter - PDF

Complaints Procedure

Customers who wish to complain about the quality of customer service provided by IDA Ireland can submit a complaint under our  Complaints Procedure.

Combatting Bribery of Public Officials

The OECD Anti-Bribery Convention establishes standards to criminalise bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions.

The below guide to the OECD Convention and relevant Irish legislation has been prepared by Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation to raise awareness of agencies, organisations and companies doing business abroad. 

Document on Combatting Bribery of Foreign Officials:

Link to the Anti-Corruption website:

IDA Ireland RD&I Grant Application Information

Guidelines for Completing an Application for IDA Ireland RD&I Grant Support

1. Commercial Strategic Review

2. Technical Description of Project

3. RD&I Project Costs Workbook

Grant Claims Section

If you have been approved a grant and have signed your Grant Agreement, please download the forms necessary to submit a grant claim at the links below.

Capital Grants
Business Assets Grants
Employment Grants
RD&I Grant RD&I Feasibility Grants
De Minimis Grant Types
Training Grants

If you have any queries relating to your claim please contact