While the growth in the Irish Internet sector has been phenomenal over the past number of years, it is far from an overnight sensation. Microsoft and Intel have been operating in Ireland for 25 years, while Google celebrated its 10th anniversary here in 2013. These have been joined by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and many other emerging players.


While Ireland has a world-renowned multinational sector, indigenous start-ups are blazing trails in areas such as Enterprise, SaaS, Social Media, E-Commerce, Mobile, Education, Financial, Health, Music and Game technology. 

Unique Advantages

Due to the strong multinational presence in Ireland there is a wealth of experience, both indigenous and imported, in highly specialised, high-value sectors and international market management.

Every major Venture Capital firm now has a portfolio of companies in Dublin. Thus start-ups and established firms are increasingly attracted to Ireland for the deep pool of talent, which is one of the rarest and hardest resources to find.



A conveyor belt of skilled science and technology graduates fuels Ireland’s thriving Internet sector. In turn, the innovation and creativity developed within the sector has seen Ireland become an internationally recognised hot bed for tech talent. Thus Ireland is now a highly desirable location for skilled multilingual talent from around the globe.

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